Leher App CEO’s Fitness Mantra: Home-Cooked Fresh Vegetable Meal, Restful Sleep, and Mindful Meditation

Sleeping soundly and waking up early is the fitness mantra of Leher App co-founder and CEO Vikas Malpani.

“Eat as much home-cooked food as possible, exercise and walk every day. Doing my hobby, taking breaks are other ways to stay healthy. I wake up at 6 am and start the day with a walk or a jog. I do it Pranayam post an hour walk. I then get ready and meditate or read something to stabilize my mental flow. In the evening around 6 pm I go for a walk or workout for 30 minutes, ”he says.

Food Ways

Malpani has a vegetarian diet which is freshly prepared because it is gentle on the stomach.

He shares, “My diet includes no / low sugar, no tea or coffee. I eat three meals and I don’t snack in between. I also drink plenty of water and eat healthily as much as needed and don’t overload. I prefer to drink buttermilk. for cravings between meals for gut health.I am on intermittent fasting in which I take my last meal of the day before 7 p.m. and my first meal at 10 a.m. as it cleanses the system and reduces acidity and fat gain. I have fewer dairy products in my diet because our bodies start to develop lactose intolerance with age. On days when I have to eat out, I prefer to take smaller portions, avoid sugary drinks, and alcohol consumption is very rare. ”

The spirit remains

Malpani follows mindfulness meditation. “I start with breathing exercises – Pranayam, reading physical books and avoiding moving screens during the early hours of the day. When there is too much going on, I stop things and take a break. I read Bhagwat Gita to distract my mind. I also read for fun, “he said.

He sometimes eats almonds and other dried fruits. And also, avoid foods that cause bloating as this helps keep him alert.

For his soul, Malpani begins his day with small rituals or prayers. “Sometimes I have a conversation with a friend or close family member. I also go once a year on a religious pilgrimage to Salasar Hanumanji. On special days I visit a temple,” he concludes.


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