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Kensington, London – (Newsfile Corp. – October 21, 2021) – Maslife is the world’s first alternative banking and wellness app that helps users take control of their finances, while helping them improve their mental and physical health .

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Using gamification, nudge theory, and AI, the app harnesses user behavior patterns to recommend simple changes to people’s daily routines, which can lead to positive long-term results. The app also provides a banking platform with tools to help people take control of their finances by setting goals and budgeting. It then uses a unique rewards system to root positive behavior.

The wellness element offers fitness trackers, yoga tutorials, and meditation workshops, all designed to keep the user moving and motivated, while also rewarding them for achieving their wellness goals. The user receives a monthly progress report so that he can track the improvements he makes and a view of the rewards he has earned.

In the wake of Covid 19, people need this type of assistance more than ever. Hundreds of global studies have been conducted to determine the full impact of the pandemic, the statistics are alarming and tell a story that needs to be urgently addressed. Generation Z and millennials have been particularly affected.

  • Depression could be the number one cause of illness by 2030, WHO says
  • 77% of employees say money worries affect them at work
  • In ONS surveys, people under the age of 30 consistently said that due to the pandemic, their income had been reduced (15%). It was much more than those over 60 (5%)
  • “The pandemic shock has seen millions of people suffer both financially and to their well-being. This continues to be felt over a year later, with similar amounts of people needing to borrow or use their savings to make ends meet, as seen last year. Worryingly, the self-employed, parents, young people and people living with the lowest household incomes remain more negatively affected ”
  • In a 2021 Gen Z Millennial survey from Deloitte, 28% of respondents cited healthcare / disease prevention as their biggest concern, up from 21% in 2020. The second issue was unemployment with 27% expressing their concern. concern, compared to 21% in 2021.
  • 89% of large UK companies say they have been affected by the poor financial well-being of employees during the pandemic.

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The pandemic has disrupted the way we work, travel, shop and spend. At times like these, people experience stress, anxiety, and helplessness in the direction of their life. Maslife offers the best possible support by providing wellness solutions that allow them to become the best version of themselves.

The idea behind the Maslife app is Kash Amini, an Anglo-Persian entrepreneur who was bitten by the tech bug at a very young age. He has an eclectic mix of life experiences that have brought him on the path he is currently following. After working as a trader for several years, he exhausted himself mentally and physically. To improve her well-being, Amini changed her lifestyle and started meditating every day. It has helped him better understand what he wants to do with a living. After understanding the impact of meditation and a healthy lifestyle on life, Amini wanted to help others too, and that’s how Maslife was designed.

He is no stranger to the tech startup world, he has a number of blockchain projects under his belt and has been a successful entrepreneur for many years.

Kash says, “This unique platform helps people achieve a healthy life balance that works for both their financial and health goals. It continues to grow every day and is attracting encouraging interest from investors around the world.

Maslife is currently participating in a private crowdfunding round of Seedrs, and it has generated enthusiastic interest from investors.

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