New workplace app to tackle Canada’s $ 50 billion a year mental health crisis


iHealthOX created by from Canada best female entrepreneur in tech / mental health sector

OTTAWA, ON, October 14, 2021 / CNW / – Millions of Canadians can now access the mental health support services they need faster with the launch of iHealthOX, a new benefits system and a new app that uses proprietary technology, data personal health care and online health care teams to match patients with mental health care providers through Canada, often on the same day.

iHealthOX was created by Terri floor, from Canada most prolific entrepreneur in technology and mental health care. His experience includes building one of the largest mental health treatment organizations in the world. Ontario and in development from Canada first algorithms to instantly match mental health patients with healthcare providers.

In Canada, there are not enough mental health specialists to meet the growing need for individual therapy. As a result, the cost of treatment rises, people who can afford the expensive hourly rates see therapists first, and those who might need therapy the most often don’t see anyone. Using technology and additional forms of mental health care, iHealthOX has created a scalable, high-quality, cost-effective mental health solution that can meet the demand for mental health services and help those who need them most. need.

With iHealthOX, employees and their families in need of mental health care can confidentially contact the iHealthOX health care team on demand by phone, text or email. Determining the level of care they need is based on patient intake surveys, clinically validated assessments, member preferences and experiences, and the individualized needs of each user. If they demonstrate a clinical need, the iHealthOX team will customize a session schedule with one of over 1,500 experienced mental health service providers across Canada, often organizing virtual dates on the same day.

Through evidence-based care that includes proven cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and education, these therapists will equip them with the skills and toolkit needed to successfully manage their stress and anxiety. In addition to creating personalized care plans that take a holistic approach to the user’s long-term health, iHealthOX can proactively and regularly contact plan members through apps, surveys and certified coach recordings. in mental health. Members will also have access to self-assessment tools, online content from iHealthOX’s self-service digital course and meditation library, as well as their personal health record, which tracks all of their treatments. and their progress.

Thanks to iHealthOX, families will also have access to Charlie Wellbeing, the first health plan in Canada dedicated to providing adolescents with confidential on-demand access to licensed therapists and psychologists via desktop computers, iPads or mobile phones. On the other side Canada, an estimated 1.2 million children and youth are affected by mental illness, and the demand for youth mental health services has increased dramatically in recent years. Developped by Vancouver-based Matthew Segal, Charlie Wellbeing gives teens the option to use text, voice and video sessions to get in touch with professional therapists specially trained to treat anxiety, depression, abuse or more acute problems.

“As the COVID pandemic has helped reveal just how pervasive and serious the mental health crisis is Canada, it also exacerbated the situation and showed how from Canada The current system of access to health care makes matters worse and does not sufficiently take into account how we operate today as individuals, ”said Storey, CEO of iHealthOX. “Therefore, despite all the education and energy invested in research and wellness programs today, the results do not change. .

“We need to make mental health more accessible and effective for all and make it easier for them to navigate their own mental well-being. Thanks to the latest technologies and online platforms, distance and travel are no longer barriers to accessing care, and we have many ways to connect patients and practitioners in meaningful relationships that meet their needs, their needs. preferences and their way of life. “

Every week, 500,000 Canadians miss a day’s work due to mental health problems, costing the Canadian economy $ 50 billion in direct costs and lost productivity. These costs will continue to increase dramatically as the COVID pandemic continues to affect the mental and physical health of Canadians of all ages. With thousands of Canadians unable to find or see a family doctor, employees are increasingly looking to their employers to meet their families’ growing health care needs and coverage. At the same time, employers are grappling with absenteeism and the burden of increasingly expensive employee health plans.

Through iHealthOX and its proactive, holistic, janitor-style approach to comprehensive employee health care, employers will reap the benefits of reduced absenteeism and increased productivity from healthier employees, as well as real-time reports that anonymously aggregate benefit plan financial data to facilitate human resources. and budget planning. The program’s ability to better meet the growing demands for employee health care also has the potential to play a key role in attracting and retaining employees.

Among the many leading companies and organizations that have turned to Storey for employee health services are the Government of Canada, Government of Ontario, RBC, Microsoft, Ontario Provincial Police, Royal Ottawa Hospital, Shopify, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Government of Nunavut, and the Métis Center of the National Aboriginal Health Organization. Collectively, iHealthOX has already booked 45,000 virtual and in-person appointments for the 150,000 Canadian employees it covers.

On the other side Canada, iHealthOX has access to over 1,500 healthcare providers, including naturopaths, physicians, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, mental health nurses, pediatricians, psychologists, wellness coaches and nutritionists. For these healthcare professionals, joining the iHealthOX and Charlie Wellbeing team offers many benefits, including: reduced reliance on waiting lists and emergency visits; competitive compensation; reduced overhead by providing their services virtually through teletherapy; and no need to search for patients, who can now be connected to them via iHealthOX and Charlie Wellbeing.

On Terri floor
Terri floor is a leader and visionary in the mental health field with over 20 years of leadership expertise and experience. iHealthOX is the third digital health product that it has created with a focus on mental health. She was previously CEO and co-founder of Snapclarity, before founding OneHealth in partnership with MCI Doctors, MCI OneHealth Technologies and MCI Connect. Prior to launching Snapclarity, Storey founded Terrace Wellness Group, one of the largest treatment organizations in Ontario. In addition, she was that of Ottawa 2014 Entrepreneur Businesswoman of the Year and is one of the very few Canadian women to be CEO of a technology company.

About iHealthOX
iHealthOX is an employer health and wellness benefits company that is revolutionizing the delivery of primary and mental health care in Canada using advanced data and technology to turn healthcare costs into a high-value investment. With holistic healthcare plans that use apps, surveys, digital self-service courses and personal health coaches to monitor the health of employees and their families, iHealthOX transforms healthcare from a reactive to proactive health benefit that reduces absenteeism and increases employee productivity. For more information, please visit


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