RZA Partners with LeBron James and Calm to Promote Meditation


RZA will mark a new “sleep story” told by LeBron James to help people meditate properly instead of taking medication!

Wu-Tang Clan founder and filmmaker RZA has become the latest celebrity to partner with the bosses of the mindful app Calm.

The rap icon and the convert to meditation and wellness will score a 34-minute sleep story titled “King of the Sleeping City,” which LeBron James told.

RZA hopes fans will use his new music to meditate, insisting that Zen relaxation “is better than drugs.”

He takes to walking whenever he needs to get back on his feet, revealing that walking around the neighborhood helps him balance his busy schedule when he works all night on music and movies. .

“A lot of equations that I have had to solve in life have come to me on long walks,” he said. Rolling stone. “There was a time when people thought I was pissed off… I was walking (on) Staten Island. I was walking around all the neighborhoods, and people would look at me and think I was talking to myself and s ###. But I was thinking. I was calculating.

In “King of the Sleeping City,” he was tasked with creating the soundtrack for a story about a city child who finds solace and calm in a seventh-floor fire escape.


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