#UpNext: Skiimo turns his hobby into a music career

Skiimo, promising dancehall artist. (Picture: Contribution)

What started out as a hobby could be the vehicle that takes up-and-coming artist Skiimo to international stardom.

The 25-year-old dancehall artist told OBSERVER ONLINE that although he was interested in music as a high school student, he put it on hold while he focused on acquiring his subjects and getting a job.

“Me, I’m really starting pree music from 2019. That time, I’m really starting to accept it and say that I’m giving my 100%, because I know that’s what I want”, Skiimo said.

The artist, who goes by the name Romario Leith, said his decision to pursue a career in music was due to a helpful boost he received from a friend he worked with while working at a health center. calls.

“When I started my first job in the IT call center, it was the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life. But it was also the best thing because I met on one of my chargies who’s name is Kenny and he loves music on a different level he and I used to be on par and he was always singing around me and playing riddim and you know because he was also doing something with me wudda freestyle,” Skiimo recalled.

“So one day he said ‘you know you got it good you try to write dah song yah’ and that’s how me and him sat down and we wrote a song. From there, I just see that yes, I can do it really, ”he added.

Skiimo said that while he finally answered her call, he didn’t want to rush the process. Instead, he waited and learned about the music industry before releasing music.

“From 2019 to now, music wasn’t really something I would get up and sing for because I understood the craft a little bit more. So now that I understand it on a small level, I hold a different meditation and now I’m just starting to release the official stuff,” the artist told OBSERVER ONLINE.

Skiimo said his first song was released on Friday, September 2, and was titled “Putin” in honor of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He said that since the song’s release, the reaction has been positive, as evidenced by the number of countries it plays in.

“The feedback has been excellent, I can’t complain. To see that it’s the first song I’ve released and I’m already getting so much love from it. When I see a place where the song is being played, I feel like saying “wow” because it’s a play in Ghana, Costa Rica, Canada, America and England. The song is played everywhere, so it makes me feel good,” Skiimo explained enthusiastically.

The artist said he hopes to reach an international level in music and aims to inspire others with the songs he plans to share from his catalog.

He added that this was just the beginning for him and there was a lot more in store. He added that he was looking forward to releasing more music to the public.

In the meantime, Skiimo’s song “Putin” is available on iTunes, Audiomack, Deezer, Apple Music and YouTube.

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