Why Optimity is the best health and fitness app for couples


It’s no secret that a healthy relationship involves motivating and supporting each other. This is why the saying “couples who sweat together stay together” is so true.

Couples who train together strengthen their bonds and learn to work better as a team. The greatest result of pushing each other is the shared accomplishments that couples can experience.

And with the Optimity health and fitness tracker app, couples can enjoy more shared achievements by completing fitness challenges for rewards, as well as learning about nutrition, health. mental, financial well-being, and more!

The Optimity health app includes several opportunities for couples to live peaceful lives. With its four main features – community challenges, quizzes, activities and prizes – couples can take advantage of each to ensure a happier partnership and better physical condition!

Here’s how the top 4 features of Optimity’s health app can help couples build healthy relationships.

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Community challenges allow couples to push each other to achieve their goals.

Couples new to the world of fitness might need an extra boost to start a workout. Fortunately, Optimity makes exercise enjoyable for couples, while encouraging them to go the extra mile.

With Optimity’s Step-Together challenge feature, couples can challenge each other to collectively achieve 10 daily step goals between them over a 7-day period.

Both people must reach their goal of 6,000 steps per day to contribute to their collective goal of 10. When the couple is successful, they are each rewarded with 100 gems.

To start a Step-Together challenge, a person must ask their partner to participate in a challenge.

As soon as the partner accepts the request, the challenge begins the next day. A Step-Together Challenge Day runs from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m., and both partners must complete their step goal by 11:59 p.m. to add to their collective goal.

As long as both partners strive to achieve their daily goals, the Step-Together challenge can be successfully completed. So make sure you hold each other accountable so that no one falls behind!

For Optimity to successfully track steps, it is important that each partner has a step tracking device or connected health app. If you are using Google Fit or Apple Health, Optimity must be open daily in order to sync steps with the app.

Couples interested in challenging each other to improve their fitness can download the Optimity app through Google Play or the Apple Store. By registering with the promo code OPTTANGO, win 1,000 bonus gems!

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Quizzes give partners the chance to improve longevity and happiness.

It can be difficult to find good information about health and fitness. To live the best life together, it is essential that couples receive accurate information when learning about their bodies.

Couples who begin their fitness journey together can learn more about health and wellness by taking Optimity’s quizzes. These short, 2-minute quizzes are designed to help people learn to live healthier and longer lives.

Optimity Quizzes provide members with training focused on body, mind and finances. Members can read helpful and informative “did you know” style facts that apply to everyday situations.

Topics can range from learning about daily safety precautions, to early detection of illnesses or mental health awareness.

The bottom line is that Optimity’s quizzes allow couples to learn and use their acquired knowledge to live better and happier lives together.

Activities performed on Optimity sync with Fitbit, Apple Watch, Samsung or Garmin. Install Optimity on Google Play or the Apple Store and earn 1,000 bonus gems when you sign up using promo code OPTTANGO.

Activities make it easy to fit exercise into busy schedules.

It’s normal that life is hectic. Finding time to train together isn’t always easy, but Optimity understands the busy schedules.

That’s why Optimity gives couples the option to complete activities in just 1 or 2 minutes, while also improving their health with three daily activities to help them earn gems along the way!

With the new Daily Activities feature in Optimity, members are given three activities to complete each day. Once completed, they are rewarded with gems.

Take a movement break throughout the day with daily exercise, maintain good posture and avoid injury with daily stretch, or regain your zen and take a mental break with meditations and mental health counseling.

Couples can keep their relationship exciting and upbeat by exploring the various activities offered by Optimity. Whether couples want to stretch, meditate, or squeeze in that last minute abdominal workout, Optimity has it all.

Couples can engage in physical or educational activities, making sure they stay on track to lead problem-free lives. Optimity’s beneficial micro-activities contribute to overall health and are appropriate any time of the day.

If couples forget to complete activities, Optimity can send notification reminders to each partner.

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Couples can win real prizes just for sticking to their goals.

Exercise definitely requires discipline, commitment, and hard work. But unlike exercise alone, couples need to hold each other accountable in addition to themselves when exercising together.

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This is why couples deserve extra praise for their health accomplishments. Optimity is the first to congratulate those who have successfully achieved their goals, as the app rewards individuals with significant prizes.

Couples can earn gems by hitting their daily steps, completing 2-minute quizzes, and completing challenges against each other or with friends.

As couples collect gems, they can exchange those gems in exchange for actual prizes, such as Amazon gift cards, loyalty points like Petro-Points and more reward points, charitable donations and special weekly promotions.

The more active a couple is with Optimity, the more likely they are to earn more rewards.

These tips for using the Optimity fitness tracker will help you reach your goals for couples.

Not only does Optimity motivate couples to encourage each other, it paves the way for an easier, stress-free life. The integration of the Optimity fitness tracker can help couples build a suitable and lasting relationship together.

Couples can apply Optimity to their everyday life with these 5 tips:

1. Turn on phone notifications to receive daily reminders and tips from Optimity.

2. Take part in the daily step goal challenges.

3. Take daily 2-minute educational quizzes.

4. Perform physical or educational activities for 1 to 2 minutes per day.

5. Synchronize tracking devices with Optimity daily to collect rewards.

Partners wishing to change their lifestyle can receive advice by downloading Optimity from Google Play or the Apple Store. Plus, receive 1,000 bonus gems when you sign up with promo code OPTTANGO!

The bottom line

Established by health experts and backed by over 30 years of behavioral science research, the Optimity fitness tracker app is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their daily health and wellness goals. .

Specifically, Optimity benefits couples who are serious about improving their health. By incorporating Optimity’s features into daily life, couples will develop healthy habits with long-term benefits that will prepare them for a perfect relationship.

-Created in partnership with Optimity

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